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Worker dispatch technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. (MAS), is focused on the structure monitoring equipment development in the field of high-tech enterprises, through the sensor to the target structure monitoring, help customers to grasp the safety situation of the target structure, risk aversion structure, prolong service life, so as to optimize the overall maintenance costs. MAS was established in January 2014, is committed to all kinds of sensors and collection and transmission equipment research and development, the foreign advanced products combined with project design experience, strive to provide customers with the best products and services. Products are widely used in wisdom, wisdom, the port city, intelligent transportation and other fields, realized the bridge, foundation pit, tunnel, rail transportation, dam slope, tailings DAMS, steel structure, high mould structure monitoring, etc. Company headquarters is located in the forefront of China's reform and opening up in shenzhen city, has 10000 square meters production base in dongguan, all kinds of operations management and production personnel 60 people, the company established a r&d center in nanjing, have a 30 high-quality research and development team, of which two doctoral degree, master's degree in 15 people.


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Vibrating string reinforcement meter, vibrating string surface/embedded strain gauge,

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Bridge, tunnel, highway slope, municipal foundation pit, subway rail transit, reservoir dam,

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Worker dispatch products application scenarios include bridge structural health monitoring, online tunnel structural health monitoring, online health online monitoring, the structure of the foundation pit slope structure of on-line monitoring, structural health monitoring, online tailings reservoir dam on-line monitoring, the structure of the high-rise building structure health monitoring, etc

  • It mainly includes the monitoring factors such as bridge settlement, deflection, abutment inclination,
    Bridge online monitoring system.
  • Surface displacement, deep soil displacement, environmental temperature and humidity,
    6/5000 Slope online monitoring.
  • Internal support shaft force and concrete support shaft force,
    Foundation pit online monitoring.
  • Settlement monitoring, concrete stress strain, pore water pressure monitoring,
    Tunnel online monitoring




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